SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin

SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin

Manage network connected devices directly from the PC
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View the devices connected to your network and see which ones are currently available, install new network printers or scanners and monitor or manage them. Remotely check out the device's configuration, verify how much toner it has left and find out if it's out of paper.

SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin is a Windows utility software that simplifies all aspects of installation, monitoring, and management of network devices.
SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin tells you precisely what printers are available, how they are configured, even toner and paper levels.

1. Our device monitoring software has been renamed from SmartNetMonitor to SmartDeviceMonitor.
Operation of SmartDeviceMonitor is the same as SmartNetMonitor. In case you already have SmartNetMonitor installed in your PC overwrite it with SmartDeviceMonitor, software settings and log data will be carried over.

SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin - is a neat little tool that enables you to manage and monitor network devices.

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